Kingston Planning Committee - 21 Dec 2023

Main topic of discussion were 4 different development proposals

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The Planning committee on 21 Dec 2023 discussed the following points. Meeting details can be found here.

  1. Development Proposal at 1048 Midland Avenue, File Number: D01-003-2023 

    • Presented by George Whittington and Angela Marani on behalf of Wellings of Kingston Inc. They proposed three four-story apartment buildings for independent seniors, including amenities such as a bocce ball court, pickleball court, shuffleboard, and community garden. They requested a zoning bylaw amendment for this project.

    • Public and Committee Members’ Concerns and Questions

      • Questions from the public included the level of care provided, the development's licensing, impact on traffic, and utility loads for the new development. The applicants clarified that they offer independent living units with optional meal services, no long-term care license, have conducted a traffic study, and assume available utilities.

      • Committee members raised concerns about the proposal's environmental impact, the large amount of parking space, and the potential for building higher. They also inquired about other locations where similar projects have been developed.

  2. Development Proposal at 234 to 242 University Avenue, File Number: D01-005-2023

    • Presented by Jason Sans, the plan involves a zoning bylaw amendment to facilitate residential intensification within the downtown area. The project aims to revitalize existing townhomes and add new residential units at the rear.

    • Public and Committee Members’ Concerns and Questions:

      • The committee reviewed the project's compliance with provincial policy, the city's official plan, and zoning bylaw requirements. Concerns about parking, tree preservation, and the blend of modern and heritage aesthetics were discussed.

  3. Recommendation for 500 Cataraqui Woods Drive, File Number: D35-002-2023

    • This proposal, presented by Chris Booth and Ian Clendenning, aims to develop two six-story mixed-use buildings, providing 430 new homes and 517 square meters of commercial space. The site is located at the northwest corner of Cataraqui Woods Drive and Centennial Drive, offering convenient access to a commercial plaza, daycare center, and a dentist office. It borders a stormwater management pond and a hydro corridor, which adds to the site's appeal. The proposal involves rezoning the site to Urban Multi-Residential Zone 2 and redesignating it to residential in the city's official plan, along with site-specific provisions for density, height, setbacks, landscape area, amenity space, and parking.

    • This proposal was approved

  4. Recommendation for 36 Durham Street, File Number: D14-004-2023

    • The application aimed to permit the construction of a semi-detached house on the southern portion of the property. This included two new four-bedroom homes (totaling eight new bedrooms) and a dedicated parking space for each new home, amounting to two new parking spaces in total

    • The proposal was approved

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