Kingston Heritage Committee Agenda - 24 Jan

Main topic of discussion will be applications for heritage property modifications

The heritage committee meeting on 24 Jan will discuss the following points. Meeting details can be found here. To have your say on any of the below topics, contact your local councillor.

  1. Stream Two Permits - Approval through Delegated Authority:

    • 4156 Highway 2: A heritage permit application for various alterations, including replacing an enclosed porch, a rear shed, and the basement access structure, as well as adding a new addition to the eastern elevation​​.

  2. Amendment to Designation under the Ontario Heritage Act:

    • 662 King Street West, 13, 15 & 17 Grange Street: A recommendation for a Notice of Proposed Amendment pursuant to Section 30.1 of the Ontario Heritage Act​​.

  3. Notice of Intention to Designate under the Ontario Heritage Act:

    • 1070 Old Mill Road (Riley House): Proposal to designate as a property of cultural heritage value or interest​​.

    • 53 William Street: Support for Council’s approval of an application for Ontario Heritage Act Approval​​.

    • Multiple Addresses including 156 Princess Street, 197-205 Wellington Street, 2432 4th Concession Road, 490 Bagot Street, and others: Proposals for designating various properties as of cultural heritage value or interest​​.

  4. Window Policy and Guidelines: Review and discussion on the policy and guidelines related to windows in heritage properties, with a report attached for detailed consideration​​.

Date of Next Meeting: Scheduled for February 21, 2024.

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