Kingston City Council - 5 Dec 2023

Main topic of discussion was climate change

The Kingston City Council Meeting on 5 Dec 2023 discussed the following points. Details on the meeting can be found here

Certainly! Here are the main points discussed in the transcript:

1. Transit Pass Fee Waiver: There was a discussion about waiving fees for transit passes, especially for vulnerable groups like Ontario Works recipients, to alleviate financial burdens during the holidays.

2. Acknowledgment of Staff: Appreciation was expressed to the staff for keeping swimming and public skating rates consistent. A question was raised about the fee increase compared to other cities, and staff explained the reasons for maintaining a 3% increase.

3. Zoning Bylaw Amendment: The Planning Committee discussed a zoning bylaw amendment on Concession Street.

4. Kingston Heritage Properties: The report on Kingston Heritage Properties was briefly discussed, with a particular mention of concerns related to 80 Montreal Street.

5. Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A report on community greenhouse gas emissions was presented. It was noted that Kingston aims for carbon neutrality by 2040, with a 30% reduction target by 2030. The discussion emphasized the importance of community-wide efforts, including initiatives like the Better Homes Kingston program.

6. Better Homes Kingston Program: Questions were raised about the sustainability of the Better Homes Kingston program and its potential expansion. The program offers interest-free loans for home improvements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

7. Urban Boundary Expansion: Concerns were raised about the impact of urban boundary expansion on greenhouse gas emissions, particularly due to increased reliance on natural gas and gasoline. The importance of making informed decisions regarding urban planning and climate goals was highlighted.

8. Population Growth and Carbon Footprint: Questions were raised about the breakdown of greenhouse gas emissions on a per capita basis, considering the anticipated population growth. The need for detailed reporting to understand the effectiveness of carbon reduction efforts was emphasized.

9. National Epilepsy Awareness Day: A motion was presented to declare a National Epilepsy Awareness Day in Kingston.

10. Committee Appointments: Appointments were discussed for various committees for the upcoming months.

11. Miscellaneous Business: A motion was presented for various committee appointments, including the declaration of a National Epilepsy Awareness Day.

12. Other Business: Mention of the upcoming candlelight vigil for the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

13. Accessibility Awards: Recognition of recipients of the Celebrate Accessibility Awards, acknowledging organizations and individuals for their contributions to accessibility and inclusion.

14. Snowplow Naming Announcement: A light-hearted announcement about the upcoming revelation of the name of a snowplow.

15. Committee to Close Meeting: The meeting concluded with a motion to move into a closed session.

These are the key points discussed in the transcript. If you have specific questions or need more detailed information on any particular topic, feel free to ask.