Kingston City Council - 21 Nov 2023


The Kingston City Council Meeting on 21 Nov 2023 discussed the following points. Details on the meeting can be found here

  • City council meeting focused on proposed Community Standards Bylaw

  • Delegations express concerns about downtown crisis, safety, harassment, and deteriorating conditions

  • Some applaud bylaw's development, while others, including residents and legal representatives, raise discrimination concerns

  • Human Rights Code invoked, emphasizing unintended consequences on individuals with disabilities

  • Delegates call for comprehensive solutions, urging rejection of current bylaw and alternatives prioritizing community well-being

  • Specific concerns raised about broad language, potential discrimination, and lack of public facilities in proposed bylaw

  • Delegates suggest amendments, deferral for review, and alignment with human rights principles

  • Discussion on proposed bylaw amendments, including "reasonable excuse" provision for public defecation

  • Concerns about ambiguity, enforcement challenges, and commitment to providing more public washrooms expressed

  • Staff and council members discuss amendments addressing concerns raised by the public

  • Discussion on the implementation of a community standards bylaw, focusing on behavior in shared spaces

  • Emphasis on imperfections, community input, collaboration with initiatives, and challenges faced by businesses

  • Council members express support for bylaw, recognizing limitations in solving larger societal issues

  • Municipal council meeting covering various agenda items, including committee appointments and emergency response plan

  • Discussion on funding application for federal housing accelerator fund, urgency emphasized, and motion passed

  • Motion to amend city's submission to Housing Accelerator Fund with proposed planning policy changes

  • Discussion on proposed changes, questions about reliability of CMHC's deadline, building heights, and consequences

  • Proposed amendment to increase maximum building height to eight stories to demonstrate commitment to housing crisis

  • Discussion on housing policies, enforcement, illegal housing for migrant workers, workforce housing, and rezoning

  • Mention of housing accelerator fund, four-unit constructions, and need for responsive housing solutions

  • Emphasis on federal government's limited jurisdiction in housing matters and importance of funding initiatives

  • Adjournment with note on Movember initiatives for men's mental health and passing of bylaws