Kingston City Council - 19 Dec 2023

Main topic of discussion was review of Kingston Police 2023 Budget

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The Planning committee on 19 Dec 2023 discussed the following points. Meeting details can be found here.

  1. Motion passed to approve purchase of 309 Queen Mary Road, Kingston described in Exhibit B of Report Number 24-038 for $3.8 Million Dollars and execute necessary legal documents

  2. Questions about what Council is voting on regarding Kingston Public Market.

    • Vendors from Kingston Public Market expressed concern on wording in proposed by-law (Exhibit A of Report 24-044) that would allow the city to use the Public Market for any city event

    • Discussion returning to Clause 3 of the report concerning Kingston Public Market and the operational bylaw.

    • Vote on Clause 3 as amended.

    • Passing of Councillor Glenn's amendment related to product origin labeling.

  3. Briefing by Chief of Police, Chief Frasier:

    • Financials: Annual budget $44.4 Million Dollars. Revenue and expenditures are tracking as expected. Unbudgeted cost incurred due to post-secondary student mass gatherings put a strain on budget.

    • Inclusion of community events in the budget for 2024.

  4. Assessment of officer shortages within Kingston Police Force.

    • Approximately 22 officers short due to various reasons.

    • Fluctuating number of officers in and out of the workplace.

    • Discussion of the budget for Kingston Police.

    • Challenges of operating with 22 officers short.

    • Initiatives to be put in place to improve recruiting platforms and enhance officer wellness.

    • Discussion of the Ontario Police College's recruitment model.

    • Councillor Amos recommended Inclusion of community events in the police force budget for 2024 to which Chief of Police confirmed will be included.

  5. A petition bearing 79 signatures for traffic calming measure at the intersection of Logan Street and Yonge street was presented to council

  6. Report 5 from CAO consent was discussed:

    • Clause 2 tax incremental rebates and Clause 3 parking by-law amendments were approved

    • Clause 1 to designate 18 Queen Street and 242 Ontario Street as Class 4 due to average noise level being around 56 dB

      1. Councillor Gregory Ridge noted that the noise limits would be exceeded at night due to limits being 10 dB lower

      2. Noise is being mitigated by installing AC to allow windows to be closed due to high noise levels

      3. Clause 1 was approved

  7. Report 6 from CAO consent was discussed:

    • Clause 1 for “Slush Puppy” place was approved

    • Suggestion to rename the "Town and Gown Working Group" to the "Postsecondary Working Group."

    • Consideration of the working group's composition and the need for public engagement.

    • Amendment proposed by Councillor Glenn to display product origin labeling at the stalls in the Kingston Market which passed

  8. Report 7 Planning committee report emphasizing the necessity of the operational bylaw for Kingston Public Market.

  9. Report 8 on Kingston Music Strategy and Implementation Plan was approved

  10. Miscellaneous Business:

    • Announcement of the New Year's Levy event on January 9th

    • Holiday greetings extended to everyone, including city staff and citizens.

  11. Decisions and next steps:

    1. Purchase of 309 Queen Mary Road was approved

    2. Clauses in Report 5 were approved

    3. Clauses in Report 6 with amended clause 3 were approved

    4. Clauses in Report 7 were approved

    5. Clauses in Report 8 were approved

    6. There were no new motions proposed